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Pirton’s WW1 Project

The Pirton World War One Project

This Pirton project has the following goals:

  1. To collect as much information as possible about the men with a Pirton connection who served in the Great War and to make as much of that as possible available to all interested parties. This is being achieved by:
  1. To publish a book, The Pride of Pirton(*2) to pay tribute to all those men, those who survived and those who died.
  2. To undertake the above in such a way as to be able to add information and update it whenever new information comes to light in the future and to secure it for the future.  This is being achieved by:
  1. ' *1 documents all the men with a Pirton connection that served in the Great War.

This has required extensive research which began in 2003 and now documents:

It has been a mammoth task!

The book team (Tony French, Chris Ryan and Jonty Wild) have, between them, visited all the Pirton men's graves and memorials in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Egypt.  Many several times. We felt very strongly that to do these men's stories justice this was absolutely essential.

Our book, 'The Pride of Pirton', is full colour A4 size, 210 pages and over 300 photographs, including the men and their final resting places or memorials.

The Pride of Pirton:

To buy your copy follow this link  

To learn about the the project’s history or to see the research following the links - above and left.

Facilitated by the Pirton Heritage Support Group (PHSG)

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