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Pirton School Association

Friends and Funds for Pirton School

Pirton School Association was formed to raise extra funds for the School by holding fundraising events and Social gatherings, to give our children the little extras that government funding cannot always provide.

Every parent with a child at the School is automatically a member of the P.S.A. and each of you chooses how much or how little you take part in the events organised. You will always be welcome at any meeting or event.

We started the current fundraising year by holding a Music Night and a Quiz Night, these two events raised over £700. The Boxing Day Run has grown tremendously, it is becoming popular for walking groups far and near, as well as villagers, and it raised £300. We held an Easter Trail, Car Boot Sale, sold tea towels with the Children’s self-portraits on and we did the bags to school event. These all raised over £800. The PSA manned the B.B.Q. at the summer Fair and had a fantastic day, selling out of everything and raising £600.

On the social side we sponsored the Children’s Xmas Performances and served mulled wine and mince pies. We ran an end of term Disco and a Halloween party is planned for October. This year we are holding a Christmas Fair in November and a visit from the man in red is planned.

We have had a very dedicated and hard working Committee along with many other helpers this year. There are still many events to run and any extra help is always appreciated.

The Current committee are:

Chair Stella Turner (711959)

Vice Chair Carol Thompson

Treasurer Sarah Hazley

Secretary Elle Revett

100 Club Laura Burton

Boxing Day Run Dil Wetherill

Stella Turner