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Website Policy (Planning)

There have been a few people who consider that the Pirton Website is biased against development, I therefore, as I always try to do, remind you that you should make up your own minds.

In fact the website policy is this:

  1. The website stance is intended to inform and reflect and represent what I believe to be, or know to be, the community's view, and that is not necessarily my own.  Therefore, the position the website, and I, take, is to support the Neighbourhood Plan and reflect its content and the extensive community consultation which has been undertaken to produce it. That of course does not mean that it supports all development, only development considered sustainable by the community.  Frankly I fail to see how this differs substantially from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group's or the Parish Council's position or indeed the cast majority of the community.
  2. The website aims to reflect the majority view of the Pirton community.
  3. I do not have a private agenda, only the interests of the Pirton community. as represented by the extensive consultation undertaken as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process.  If however, I believe I could be accused of a personal interest, e.g. where I live in relation to the proposed development, I will give that information.

I hope that this re-assures people. I also hope that those who make accusations of bias, are being equally open and honest about their interests (direct or otherwise), particularly where they are supporting development which does not ‘fit’  the community view and the Neighbourhood Plan or is in excess of the numbers therein.

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