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The emerging Neighbourhood Plan (NP) adopts the proposed NHDC development boundary for Pirton (ref: the emerging NHDC Local Plan {LP}). In simple terms this means that, once adopted (the NP and LP) no development should take place outside of that boundary. Certain not until after 2031. However there are at least 3 parcels of land being proposed for development - one may wonder how much this is influencing those who are against, or who are delaying the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan?

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Potential Future Related Issues?

To be clear there are no planning applications currently (at 5/6/2017) for any development outside of the proposed village boundary or on the three areas of land shown (above).  However, we are under the notice of the intent to submit an application for 99 houses on Area 1 of the map above.

The Elm Tree Farm application has been approved for 78 houses, based on this area and density a ‘rough’ estimate of houses that could be proposed for the other areas highlighted above are: Area 1 - 130 (99 have now been suggested), Area 2 - 29 and Area 3 - 20, but of course they may not propose the same density of housing so it could be less.

Other Sites:

There are other sites Area 4 (off Burge End Lane) and Area 5 (north off Hambridge Way) that have been proposed to NHDC since 2013 and their previous ‘call for sites’.

Village DevArea.pdf Add Land.pdf Image1.jpg Image2.jpg

There are other areas of land which are being advertised for sale. I hope to provide more information on these shortly, but just because they are for sale does not make them development sites and the prices that are being advertised that I am aware of) does not seem to suggest development.