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St Mary’s Pirton Magazine

'The St. Mary's Pirton' magazine is published by the Parochial Church Council of St. Mary's, Pirton.

Each issue is packed with current information and topical articles, as well as some historical and other interesting articles linked to the village.

There are 10 monthly issues per year with July/August & December/January being combined issues. The cost is £5.00 per year with subscriptions being collected annually. Magazines are delivered to homes within the village. The circulation of the magazine is just under 500 copies per month.

If you would like to order a regular copy of the magazine, contact Lucinda Rowe on 01462-712881.

If you live outside the village, postal copies can be arranged by contacting the above.

Articles and photographs about the village and its activities are welcomed and should be sent (as Word attachments) to the editor, Viv Tyler at pirtoneditor@gmail.com. The editor can also be contacted at 01462-712127.

Enquiries about advertising should be made to Zoe Woodward 07981 733591.

Offers of help with preparing or delivering the magazine are always welcome; contact Lucinda Rowe (as above).