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Pirton Heritage Support Group

The Pirton Heritage Support Group (PHSG) was formed in 2006, with the aim of conserving, preserving, recording and, where possible, making the history of Pirton more accessible to Pirton residents and other interested parties.  

It aims to do this by undertaking Pirton heritage related projects and activities itself or, where practical, supporting other groups, organisations or individuals undertaking projects and activities which reflect the aims of the PHSG.

The first of these projects was the Pirton World War 1 Project, which aims to record the lives of the Pirton men of the Great War, both those who died and those who survived and has resulted in the book: The Pride of Pirton.

The PHSG is also proud to assist the War Memorial Group in their work and we provide banking and accounting facilities and other help.

The contact details are PHSG@pirton.org.uk or C/o Cats' Whiskers, 14a High Street, Pirton, Herts. SG5 3PS

Committee: Martin Carlisle (Secretary), Tony French (Treasurer), Rosie Hamilton-McLeod (Chairwoman) and Chris Ryan.

PHSG Constitution