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Construction Management Plans

The end to the official period to make comments about the two construction management plans for ETF1 may be a good time to take stock of whether CALA's attempt at pitching Holwell village against Pirton village through the use of separate plans and withdrawing their original plan at relatively short notice has resulted in confusion and/or reduced the vocal opposition to the plans.

It is good to see that as of yesterday, the application 17/02024 (CMP; in via Pirton, out via Holwell) attracted 184 public comments: 181 of which are listed as objections.  No comments were in support, and presumably 3 out of 184 were therefore neutral?  That's 98.4% expressly objecting.

The parallel application 17/02023 (CMP; in via Holwell, out via Holwell) attracted 81 public comments: 74 of which are listed as objections.  One Pirton resident supported the application, and presumably the other 6 were therefore neutral?  That's 91.4% expressly objecting.

We are very happy to see that the original CMP 17/ 00335 (which was withdrawn) attracted a total of183 public comments, 176 of which were expressly objections.

Therefore It's concluded that the communities of Pirton and Holwell have demonstrated their increased objections to these plans and CALA homes have failed miserably to diminish the level of local opposition.  Levels of objection have increased by any measure!  

Thank you to those who have made the effort to comment on these applications - despite what seems to be 'tricks' by CALA , the written efforts have made a real difference but let us see what the planning committee say on Thursday 28th for the hearing of both applications.