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Graham Gibbs

Graham Gibbs is 50 years of age and an Engineer by profession. He works for a company based in St. Albans who manufactures glass containers. He lives in Bunyan Close, with his wife who is an Anglican Chaplain at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage. They have lived in this lovely, friendly village with their children for the last 13 years. Working with wood is a hobby of Graham's and this small but demanding task as part of the wider group involved with this Millennium project was a great pleasure. 

His contribution to the Millennium tapestry support structure has been to fit the edges to the tapestry stand bases. The frames for the bases were delivered to him and his task has been to cut into strips the 10 mm thick mahogany to match the depth of the angle iron frame and to individually mitre and fit the strips to the side of the frame.