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Bette Woodward - West Lane Barn

My family and I have lived in Pirton for 19 years. We've always lived in the same house, which is connected with the farm, down Burge End Lane. I am very involved with St. Mary's Church as one of its organists and my husband Dick and I are both past Churchwardens. I am a part-time music teacher. There is more about the whole of the Woodward family on a kneeler in St. Mary's Church.

I chose West Lane Barn because my husband's workplace is there. Agriculture is declining in this area and it is one of the last remaining local farms. Whereas historically farming was central to the local community this building will probably not be here in a hundred year's time.

The idea came from an original drawing given to Dick by a local artist - Mike James. A pencil sketch of the building was transferred to the tapestry canvas and I added all the details myself - this is where the tapestry differs from the original drawing.

The Pirton Millennium Project was well organised with the Coordinating Group putting in a lot of hard work. It was very enjoyable.

In the next millennium West Lane Barn won't exist. The expansion of the village and surrounding countryside will result in the loss of farming land which is very unfortunate.