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Susanne Welch - Dragonfly, Dandelion and Thistle

My husband and three children and I moved to the High Street in Pirton 28 years ago (in 1961), when my husband Geoff became headmaster of Pirton School. Immediately we found Pirton people very friendly and enjoyed a very lively and active life in the village.

Many of the friends we made when first moving to Pirton are still very close friends and this has been a great support to me as tragically my husband died after we had started work on the screen early in the year.

Four and a half years ago we moved within Pirton to Middle Barn, Hambridge Way. We worked hard on laying a courtyard in our small garden. This courtyard contains a pond and two years ago I was delighted by the arrival of some dragonflies. This is why I chose a dragonfly as the subject of my tapestry. I used reference books borrowed from Highbury School in Hitchin where I teach and drew sketches of a dragonfly. The pond and branch were 'painted' in with different colours as I went along.

Joining the Millennium Screen project has been a real joy to me. I has been a pleasure to work with and get to know such lovely people. I am sure we will remain friends and are already planning what to do next - we hope to share other crafts in a series of meetings next year.

Collage - Thistle

I chose a thistle for a collage because I have always been attracted to the furry leaves of thistles which contrast with the prickles. I took sketches from flower books and after sorting colours of fabrics and threads began to cut and plan the shapes of leaves and flowers, moving them around until I was satisfied with the appearance.

I particularly enjoyed working with the dandelion because for the first time I used beads in a design. The inspiration for my dandelion came from a collage of birds which contained dandelion clocks which I saw in a art exhibition whilst on holiday at Holt in Norfolk. I collected fabrics and threads and drew sketches before I began to cut out the shapes of leaves. I added the dandelion clock and seeds and the flower bud afterwards. After the shapes had been fixed with Bondaweb I added embroidery where I felt it was needed. Once I began work on this collage I worked for two days and was unable to stop until I had finished.