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Janet Simmons
- Blackberries, Elderberries, Primrose, Pumpkin and Toadstool

Some of the collages were selected because of the fabric available at the first meeting. I found the beads and wanted to incorporate them somehow, so came up with the idea of the elderberries and blackberries.

Primroses were picked from our garden. I studied them in a vase for a few days until the design was finalised. The rest of the designs were taken from gardening books. They were all planned and sketched in pencil, sometimes on to paper, at other times straight on to the fabric. The velvet and silk were especially tricky to use but all the more rewarding afterwards!

I found the project daunting at first but it quickly became an enjoyable challenge.  The more we saw everyone's work, the more inspired you got. It was a really brilliant project. I really enjoyed working with everyone, being together and showing and sharing talent.

It was thought-provoking having to concentrate on the flora around Pirton but it worked very well. 

The pumpkin idea was from my connection with the Pumpkin Club. We enjoy walking and as we often see many elderberries along Wood Lane, the inspiration came from there. I fancied doing the toadstool as it was just a bit different from flowers.