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Phyllis Nicoll - Pirton Village Pond and Daffodil

I have lived in Pirton for 30 years. Firstly my family lived on Great Green at Rafters and then 22 years ago we moved to Pirton House on 

Priors Hill. We have four sons, the youngest of whom was born in Pirton and we now have five grandchildren.

All my grandchildren love to visit the village pond and to me it is the centre of the village. For this reason I chose it as my subject. I had never sewn a tapestry before and drew my design from memory. I was not concerned that my tapestry should be an exact photographic copy and wanted it to be a joyous and cheerful picture as I think my grand-children see it.

I think the whole idea of the Millennium Screen is an imaginative one. I enjoyed the fact that so many different people took part and especially that I have made so many new acquaintances. Let's hope that the people of Pirton will have the same community spirit and work together in another hundred years.