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Francesca Manning - Acorns and Primula

Fran and her husband Tim moved to Pirton in 1983 from North London to be nearer to their children's school. They enjoy living in the village and have many friends here.

Fran is a beauty therapist at the National Hospital for Neurology in London. She is also an active member of Pirton Players and was inspired by Geoff Welch (who initiated the Players) to do the make-up for the first ever Rural Variety Show. Since then she has trained as a make-up artist and has made up the cast for every show and workshop in addition to passing on her knowledge to an enthusiastic team.

Fran's Comments:

I chose acorns because I love the Medieval and Renaissance periods and acorns were used a great deal in the embroidery and stump work (raised appliqué) of the time. I feel this is appropriate for the Millennium to remind us of the long history of needlework.

I chose Primulas because it is one of the first flowers of Spring and represents the start of another year. This flower provides a splash of sunshine at the end of the dark winter days. The design came from my imagination and my many years of experience of this type of work. I particularly wanted to include gold thread work.

I feel the Millennium Screen is a tremendous tribute to the people of Pirton and I think it highlights the talent in the village. Pirton is a very special community of people who work exceptionally hard to make things happen.