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Lyn Lloyd-Smith -
Convolvulus, Love in the Mist and Queen Anne's Lace

Lyn and her husband Malcom and three children moved to Pirton 5 years ago (in 1994) after much travelling and have found the village a nice place to make a family home.

Lyn was brought up in Northern Ireland and went to University in England. She has also lived in France, Germany, Switzerland and the USA and the varied cultures have had a profound influence on her life.

Though originally studying languages Lyn is a certified accountant and uses her skills voluntarily to help local concerns.

Lyn's comments:

I have always been interested in handicrafts and at present am close to completing a 4 year City and Guilds Course in Embroidery Design. This has included machine embroidery which I have used in these collages. I used mixed media such as wire and beads to  complements the appliqué. As with most people interested in crafts I have collected materials over the years to use in my work.

Using my own knowledge and a flower book I chose both the Queen Anne's Lace and the Love-in-a-mist for their ethereal qualities. I already had some working drawings for the latter which were done as part of the embroidery course.

I have a love-hate relationship with the Convolvulus which is beautiful flower, but destructive in my garden.