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Valmai Guess - Rosehips

Valmai has lived in Pirton for 25 years (since 1974) and has taught at Pirton School since 1976, starting with recorder lessons and eventually teaching the curriculum full-time to all junior ages. She started an adult recorder group which has had weekly meetings for 25 years and she has since broadened her musical talents by performing with the Pirton Players.

Valmai's comments:

I chose rose-hips because I love the colours and the bold shape. I had several in mind but then found a lovely illustration in a book about Autumn fruits. I sketched the design and then transferred it to fabric before attaching it to the background calico with Bondaweb fabric. Samples of the sketches are shown below.

I think the Millennium Screen Project is a wonderful idea which has brought so many people together and I wanted to be part of it. One of the good things about the project is the fact that even people with only a small amount of spare time could contribute. Also, people with all levels of ability were able to take part. It is nice to think that the Screen will be in the Village for the next Millennium.