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Sue Kennedy - Pirton Village Life, Collage -
(Daisy, Storksbill & Violet) and Pirton War Memorial

Pirton Village Life

Sue has lived in Pirton for nearly 30 years and is married with two grown-up daughters. She taught at the village school for almost fifteen years and is a keen member of Pirton Players.

Sue's comments:

“I came to the Pirton Millennium Screen Project late and was provided with some ideas for the subject of this tapestry. I decided to depict as many of the things as I could that make living in Pirton special to me.

The overall colour scheme and layout was inspired by a greetings card designed by an artist friend. As a teacher here the school was central to my life and had to be the main feature.

The Pirton Players logo had to be included, of course, and the Annual Pumpkin Show which gives pleasure to all ages. Music making too is an important part of village life. As well as musical shows and school concerts there are several groups making music together in a wide range of styles.

The roots of a village are important and Pirton roots go back a long way. I wanted to show something of our fascinating history so used the information board by Toot Hill to show Pirton as it might have been. This and the school were strategically placed over a partial map of Pirton, originally drawn by Penny Siddons for the Pirton Walks Booklet.”


“When asked to produce a collage I was doubtful about my talents as I had never tackled anything like this before, but I really enjoyed making the Daisies look realistic. I even made some extra ones and framed them and fooled my daughter into thinking they were real!

The Storksbill and Dog Violet were much harder as they needed more research. The greatest difficulty here was finding fabric of the right colour, especially for the leaves.”

Pirton War Memorial

This tapestry was designed by Mary Macdonald and stitched by Sue Kennedy.

Mary chose this topic from a list of suggestions proposed by the Co-ordinating Group because she wanted a subject which was particular to Pirton. She took several photos of the War Memorial which were then scanned into a computer and enlarged by Rodney Marshall.

Sue's comments

“I was asked if I would do this tapestry for Mary and found it a very different project to my own.

I took some experiments to get the right effects and I had to unpick the first couple of attempts. I decided the picture was too complicated to do as a straight tapestry-stitch design, so did the background and main features like this then added the trees and other details on top with different, more appropriate stitches. I also took liberties with the gravestones which were greatly reduced in number.

I was glad that Mary was pleased with the finished result.”