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Jennie Jarrett - Buttercup, Foxglove, Honeysuckle, Lords and
Ladies and Wild Strawberries

Jennie and her husband Derek moved to Pirton in 1979. Both are very active in the Village - where Derek edits the Parish Magazine. Jennie was the mid-wife for the village and surrounding area for many years.

They enjoy living in Pirton immensely and feel it is a very special village with a strong feeling of community. Both are keen gardeners and Jennie is Co-ordinator for St. Mary's Church flowers. Their garden is usually open in the Summer for Pirton's Annual Open Gardens. Jennie and Derek's cottage on the Village Green was built in the 1630s and Jennie feels a great link with the history of the village.

Jennie's Comments:

“I chose these topics because I love flowers and the garden and wanted to depict the local flowers from Pirton. Wood Lane (a branch of the Icknield Way which has been traversed for hundreds of years) is a regular walk for Derek and me, as it is for many villagers.

I am involved with the on-going St. Mary's Kneeler Project and therefore didn't have enough time to complete one of the tapestry sections, so decided to do one little flower collage - this grew into five! The designs were based on illustrations in a natural history book and were constructed using a mixture of embroidery stitches and appliqué work.

I very much wanted to be a part of the Pirton Millennium Screen Project, even a small part and marvel at how much talent there is in the village. I was interested to see how the project has developed from the initial ideas and liked the fact that people had the freedom to choose and develop their own topics within the broad frame-work of back-ground colour and size.”