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Granger - Harebell, Wild Rose and Medieval Harvester

Margaret has lived in the village for 20 years, and is married to Cyril who designed the wooden frame. As a member of the co-ordinating group, she has given over her dining room and spare bedroom for more than 6 months as a storage place for the tapestry and workroom for our regular sewing meetings.

Margaret's Comments:

“My real love is very simple flowers and my true favourites are the Wild Dog Rose for its simplicity and the Harebell because it so fragile and dainty. I drew the designs from a book of wild flowers and also took a sample of the Wild Rose from Wood Lane as a model.

My main design is an adaptation of a 16th Century panel from Alsace, which can be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

It depicts a peasant cutting and gathering corn, which was also one of the occupations of the residents of Pirton at that time.

I have completed this picture as a tapestry before from a kit, and adapted it to fit the canvas size for our project.”