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Margaret Cyril Granger

Cyril Granger reached the age of 69 in the middle of the project. He, and his wife Margaret, moved to Pirton in 1981. Margaret was a member of the Project Co-ordinating Group.

Cyril retired in 1990 after a 38-year career as a civilian specialist in communication -electronics engineering design with the RAF.  In 1975 he was awarded the OBE for the design of the role systems in the Nimrod R Mk2 aircraft.

During the later part of 1998 he was invited to take the lead in designing the support structure for the Millennium Tapestry. This was his first involvement with organised village activities due to the demands of voluntary activities at county and national level. These were in support of education for young people, providing fellowship for elderly people and professional advice for those seeking membership of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Cyril became seriously ill in the middle of the project, and this greatly increased the amount of work that had to be done by Dudley Gentle. However, Cyril was able to return to the project during the last quarter of 1999. He and Margaret thoroughly enjoyed working with all those concerned with the project.