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Ann Faussett - Chaffinches, Convolvulus and Rosehips

Ann has lived in Pirton since 1963, in two different, older houses. Both her children have grown up in the village.

“I completed a tapestry designed by Marjorie Soulsby. The oval shape was very difficult to work out but with help from Susie Welch and Penny Siddons, and using two pencils and a loop of string eventually managed to get it right. Once I got into the work I found it really exciting to watch it grow. Although it was not my own design I liked the subject as I find chaffinches colourful and cheery.

In addition to the Chaffinch Tapestry I also chose collages of Convolvulus and Rose Hips. I enjoyed using my own ideas and starting from scratch. Having seen Convolvulus growing I thought it would be a nice thing to do, and I also used some Art Nouveau tiles as inspiration for the design. The Rose Hips form and colour appealed to me because I saw the possibility of using different materials, like velvet. I found the collages fun to do as the end result was quick to achieve - like sketching in material.

I enjoy the varied activities in Pirton and have become very attached to the village and see it as a creative place to live with many opportunities.”