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Clophill - Flying Horse
Website - 01525 860 2932 The Green, Clophill
Review - Jonty Wild, 3/3/2012

It has been years since we last went here, if fact not since I used to be a Beefeater, so as you would expect the change is dramatic.  

We were asking around and several people recommended this restaurant.  It is still a chain of sorts - three pubs and so far in my experience this means this is usually good news, a small business building on the success of one venture by adding another.

I liked it the decoration, fairly traditional with comfortable areas for drinking, bar meals and a substantial restaurant area divided in to sections.  There is a central open fire in one area of the latter and friends who had sat there said that it can get a bit hot if you sit too close.

Food was very good, starter a little small - a generic moan I have about most restaurants these days, it is not that I object to the size I just think that it is the new coffee in restaurants, i.e. an opportunity to make a high percentage profit.  Having said that my crab salad starter and Irene's scallops were lovely.  Our friend's fish also looked very nice.  They ranged from £5.95 to £8.95.  The mains from £11.95 for chicken to £17.95 for a duck and sweets £3.95 to £5.25 for a white chocolate brulee.  All very good, worth a visit and not too badly priced these days at £129.75 for four including a bottle of very nice red, no coffees.

Almost everyone seemed to being enjoying themselves and the food and I hesitate to add this paragraph in case it wrongly puts people off, but I was fascinated by a group of four who were complaining.  Let's just say they all obviously liked food, just not the food put in front of them.  I could not hear what the problem was and the staff were obviously listening closely, but as far as I could tell none of the four had even tried it.  The bowls of chips were untouched, the same appeared to be the case for the steak and other main courses, so how they knew they didn't like it seemed to be a mystery.  That had not waited an unusual length of time, but after some quiet discussion, picked up their bottles of wine and left.  Perhaps they had received the wrong order, but that seems unlikely in all four cases and they did not seem to give the staff the opportunity to correct whatever was wrong, perhaps it was a ploy to get free wine - who knows anyway there is "nowt as strange as folk!".  Don't let this put you we and everyone else seemed every happy with what the got!

Review by Pirton resident - 19/2/2012
I'd like to recommend the Flying Horse at Clophill.  Please list anonymously!

The Flying Horse, just off the A6, is a large pub with a restaurant.  The decor is modern and neutral, against a backdrop of beams and log fires.  You can eat in three areas- the conservatory, an area adjoining the bar with tables lining the walls, or in the dining room just off- it's all open plan so one area blends into the rest.  The menu verges on a gastro pub more than your usual chilli, curry or pies.  There are sharing plates, interesting salads or soups if you want to eat small, or if you want something more substantial, there are pastas, pizza, various grills including steaks, chicken, duck, and a good selection of fish dishes.  Some of the dishes come as a small or full size portion .Prices are in the region of £12-£15 for a main course, half that for a small portion, and £5 for puddings.  All the food is listed on their website, and there are also daily specials. The pub tends to be quiet during the day,  but heaving at weekends, so you do need to book if you want to eat then.

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