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One question raised the issue of litter in the village and asked where it was seen to be a problem. It was apparent from the replies that there is a high satisfaction with the refuse collection and people feel the street cleaning is reasonable but that the litter problem exists mainly in areas of an open nature. Particularly named were the Recreation Ground, Coleman’s Close play area, the School, the waste ground behind the Motte and Bailey, and the Bury (particularly in summer). Other areas mentioned were, outside public houses, the Village Hall area, Great Green bus stop, on footpaths inside the village, and on access roads and footpaths outside the village. Of the roads within the village Little Lane was raised by 14 people and 7 thought litter was a problem on the High Street between Coleman’s Close and Cromwell Way.

One sixth of replies to this litter question included the problem of dog fouling.


At the end of the questionnaire people were given the opportunity to raise any subject that they wished. Most comments were used to expand on subjects that had been covered by specific questions in the Appraisal. This has given the Parish Council invaluable additional information. The only topic raised in this section that had not been covered directly by the Appraisal was the issue of whether the footpath through the School should be re-routed.


We hope that you have found this summary of the facts raised by the Village Appraisal interesting. This questionnaire has given the Parish Council a valuable insight into the views and wishes of residents. All Parish Councillors are keen to see this input from villagers continue. We hope that you will take the opportunity to talk to Councillors during the public session at the start of each monthly Council meeting or by speaking directly to Councillors (telephone contact numbers at the front of this summary or in the Parish Noticeboard).

This appraisal has raised many points but one of the most striking impressions is the way that villagers care about Pirton. Time and again the responses indicate how much parishioners want to protect and enhance our village. The general feeling which runs through the replies is summed up by one person who expressed a belief that Pirton is a ‘gem’.

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