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Pirton Action Group

Pirton Action group has been set up to oppose disproportionate and unsustainable development which threatens to overwhelm the character of our community.

We find ourselves under siege to predatory developers who are exploiting the fact that North Hertfordshire District Council does not yet have it's local plan signed off to push through planning applications.

The aims of the Group shall be to strive to:

In order to achieve its aims, the Group will raise money through appeals, donations and other fundraising activities.  We will need help from those in the community who would like to, so please feel free to offer your support.  We also meet every second Monday at the Motte and Bailey with the next meeting planned 18th September.

The Committee:

Chair Carol-Anne McConnellogue - 711207

Vice Chair Ros Augsburger - 713180

Treasurer Rob Shaw - 712633

Secretary Emily Dixon - 07870 637141

Other Committee Members

Adrian Muxlow

Maxine Shearer

Nick Rowe

Kelly Cooper

Davie Budd