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Pirton Virtual Open Gardens 2020

On behalf of Friends of St Marys Pirton

As you know the Covid lockdown made it necessary for the Friends of Pirton Church to cancel this year's Pirton Open Gardens. As you can imagine quite a lot of work had already been put into preparing the event both by the Friends and the people who kindly offered to open.  Not opening has deprived us of an event that we believe is enjoyed by all members of the village and the wider community who make the effort to come to Pirton to enjoy this event. It also brings us year where we can make little or no contribution to the funds we generate for the upkeep of the fabric of St Marys our wonderful village church.

We felt it would be a shame if Open Gardens were to be just forgotten this year and so keep the event alive we have produced this Virtual Open Gardens giving you taste of what would have been.

Click to (virtually) view this years stunning entries.

Be sure to visit the gardens for real next year.

Downloadable Online Flipbook