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Pirton Maypole

Until about 1921 a maypole used to stand on Pirton’s Great Green as maypoles did on the greens of many towns and villages across the country.  This was removed as one by one were all the other maypoles in Hertfordshire, until there were no permanent maypoles standing.  That was until 2008 when the Pumpkin Club with the help of the Parish Council rectified this by re-erecting a maypole on Great Green.

The main instigators of the reintroduction of a maypole were Rodney Marshall and the Pirton Pumpkin Club, a village organisation who raise money and fund many events within Pirton such as an annual pensioners’ party, clearing of Pirton village pond, kitchen equipment for Pirton Village Hall, curtains for Holwell Church and many more.

The project was first discussed on an informal basis within the village with everyone agreeing that it would be a worthwhile venture.  Then, on a more formal basis, a survey was taken as to who would use the maypole with the following organisations expressing an interest and support:

The Pumpkin Club would stage a May Fair and it is hoped that eventually a Village Maypole Dance Group would evolve

The project was successful; the maypole erected and its first event was held in 2008.