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Perhaps from Pirton’s point of view the most important elements are the propose inclusion of two development sites which, if accepted, would increase the housing in Pirton by 135 and increase of about 27%.  Information on these two sites is available here:

Site PT1 Land east of Priors Hill (88 houses)

Site PT2 Holwell Turn, West Lane (sic - should be Holwell Road) (47 houses)

Obviously there is a lot of background information.  There are links to it below and all via the official Pirton Neighbourhood Plan website:, however some particularly relevant information is linked below:

NHDC North Hertfordshire Local Plan - Preferred Options Report

Appendix B - Statement of Community Involvement

The following text is taken from the NHDC letter sent to Jonty Wild and other interested parties

Local Plan Preferred Options 2011 – 2031- As the local planning authority, North Hertfordshire District Council has to prepare a Local Plan and keep it under review. The Local Plan sets out the Council’s plan for the area, including allocating sites for development, identifying areas to be protected from development and setting the policies to be used when determining planning applications. On 27 November 2014 the District Council approved for public consultation the Local Plan Preferred Options 2011 – 2031.

The consultation documents, together with the background studies are available on our website and can be found here. Copies of the Local Plan Preferred Options document and the proposals maps will be available in all the libraries in the District and at the Council Offices during their normal opening hours. In addition, copies of the consultation documents will be available at Stevenage Central, Stevenage Old Town and Luton Central libraries.

Our preferred method for accepting your comments is by using the website. We have prepared a guide to using the software, a copy of which is here. You can also send your comments electronically to or by post to Strategic Planning and Projects Group, North Hertfordshire District Council, PO Box 480, Sale, M33 0DE. When making your representations, please make it clear as to which section, policy or site in the Local Plan you are referring to.

Please note that your representations cannot be treated confidentially. They will all be logged onto our database alongside your name and reference number and will be made available on the Council’s website in the future.

Future consultations - We continually update our mailing list. If you no longer want to receive information on the local plan or would prefer to receive details of future consultations and progress on the local plan by email, please send an email to or call us on 01462 – 474531.

To keep informed join the Pirton email circulation list.

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North Hertfordshire District Council
 – Consultation: Local Plan Preferred Options 2011 - 2031


This new consultation took place between Thursday 18th December 2014 to Friday 6th February 2015

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