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The intention of this page and its sub-pages is to give some guidance on the main issues and arguments for you to consider. This is difficult because the lack of time so any and all help will be appreciated. You should review and consider them and you are welcome to use any that you agree with and suggest any others.

I respectively suggest that if you wish to make your views known about either, or both matters, that you adopt the following strategy:

  1. Start considering and drafting your letter/submission, perhaps using the content of this page and its sub-pages as a guide.
  2. Review this area of the website frequently and add any new detail that you agree with, to your letter/submission.
  3. Hold off submitting your letter/submission for as long as possible (without missing the deadline) to allow as many new items with which you agree to be included.
  4. At all stages submit any suggestions on what might be missing by email

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