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Planning Applcation 18/02017/PNQ  off West Lane.   

Change of use of agricultural barn to dwellinghouse (C3) 

West Lane Farm West Lane Pirton Hertfordshire

Ref. No: 18/02017/PNQ | Received: Thu 02 Aug 2018 | Validated: Thu 02 Aug 2018 | Status: Registered

Consultation does not close before 12/9/2018 - despite contradictory information elsewhere

Suggested considerations:

You may wish to support this application, but if you wish to object then my initial thoughts for potential grounds for objection will need to relate to the following:

1. Is this a suitable use for the existing building?

2. Is this a suitable location for the proposed building?

3. The building will be very high - albeit as it is currently is that acceptable for the change of use proposed

4. The finish is to be timber and large amounts of glass (some end elevations) with a zinc roof - are these suitable in terms of appearance.

5. The development in question is less than 100 metres from an Elizabethan Grade II* farmhouse so do the proposals impact on the adjacent Grade 2 listed building

6. Access: The application suggest that the existing access will be used, however this is not in their ownership and the owners advise that they will not permit this use.  This misleads the planners and County Highways.

7. Should the applicant be required to provide more details or certainty for the mean of access before consideration?

A draft letter - my thoughts and views is provided via the link below.  This still requires proof reading and of course you should make up your own mind about the application and any issues.

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Obviously people should make up their own minds, but one example of a submission which includes objections is provided below.  

As always you must decide what you agree with and wish to use and what you not.

Draft Letter