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Planning Applcation 18/01635/FP  off Walnut Tree Road.   

Details Erection of two 2-bed, six 3-bed and one x 4-bed dwellings including creation of vehicular access off Walnut Tree Road.   

Land Rear Of 17 Walnut Tree Road Pirton Hertfordshire

Ref. No: 18/01635/FP | Received: Tue 31 Jul 2018 | Validated: Tue 31 Jul 2018 | Status: Registered.

Consultation closes 6/9/2018 - despite contradictory information elsewhere

Comments:  The above may be considered to be a sensitive application and those who are interested in development within and outside the village boundary, should consider that application and make up their own minds.  If you wish to make your views known to North Herts District Council you need to do so by 3rd September 2018 - note this is the correct date - as usual NHDC are incapable of providing one consistent date, earlier dates are from other advertising, this date is from the site notice which tends to be later than other sources, but legally must be correct.

The above said, the land is within the village boundary, albeit also the Conservation Area, it is therefore available for development, provided that fits with the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) and its status as a Conservation Area.  

You might consider the main issues of concern, which are, as I understand them, listed below.  They are not exhaustive you may have others and you may not agree, but if you wish to support or object, you should make you views known to the planning authority, North Herts District Council by the 3rd September.  

Obviously people should make up their own minds, but one example of a submission which includes objections is provided below.  

As always you must decide what you agree with and wish to use and what you not.

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