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17/02023/1DOC - Construction Management Plan & Traffic Management Plan for Land Adjacent To Elm Tree Farm, Hambridge Way, Pirton (Holwell in and Holwell out)

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Deadline for  Comments / Objections / Support (both applications) is 19/9/2017*

 * The date has changed because of incorrect information being supplied

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It should go without saying that you should read the background documents and, of course, make up your own mind as to whether to object, support or just comment..

17/02024/1DOC  Pirton in / Holwell out - Comments by 19/9/2017 (details)

This is the Construction Management Plan & Traffic Management Plan (CMP) that proposes that:

There are two relevant documents:

I apologise if anyone is waiting for guidance on this, the Holwell in/Holwell out application (17/02023/1DOC). Frankly, I object to being put in the position of having to comment on that application.  I regard two applications to be deliberately divisive and unfair.  The two routes should be compared and judged on their respective merits and if neither is satisfactory in terms of safety etc. they should both be refused and another route found.  Sadly, each application must be judged independently and not by comparison. I fear that whichever is heard first will be refused and second approved, irrespective of their relative or overall merit. I fear that anything I write on Holwell will be seen as support for that application. With all this in mind I have yet to decide what I am going to do.   

There is some limited guidance available within the section on Holwell that I have added to the draft report that I have included for 17/02023/1DOC (here) this is as follows. But may change or be expanded in a submission for this application.  For further information, if any, visit this page:

Comments on the Route - Holwell and Between Holwell and Pirton Section:

General Comments

Outside of the villages, between the 'built' areas, where the road is relatively straight for almost a mile, there are few obvious problems other than:

Holwell 'Built' Section:


Specific Issues:

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