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For this application “All matters reserved except for means of access”.

What does this mean?

  1. It is fairly important to understand, what is 'reserved' and what is not, and what the difference is.  In this case it is:
  1. If outline planning permission is granted for access off of ELT1, then that matter is relatively settled and accepted.  The detail of everything else must be dealt with later by means of another application - this time a 'reserved matters' application.  This usually has to be within three years
  2. It means that the applicant has included huge amounts of information about the development which relates to the 'reserved matters', which is not strictly necessary at this time and amongst all the reams of information submitted is the outline application for the most important bit, i.e. the 'unreserved matters' - I suggest that the strategy for doing this includes:

Contrary to previous advice.  I consider that is is advisable to write on all matters, but remembering that, at this stage, the most important views to express are on Access, the unacceptable Location Dwelling Numbers and Density.  

The reason for this is simply that, in the past, i.e. the outline planning application for 82 houses (now 78), which despite being warned, the councillors failed to grasp that once approved they had lost control over numbers.

Reserved Matters Relating to 17/01543/1

ELT2 99 Dwellings