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No: 17/00335/1DOC Construction Management Plan

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Case Ref No: 17/00335/1DOC. Re: Discharge of Conditions: Details reserved by Condition 6 (Construction Management Plan) of planning permission reference no. 15/01618/1 granted on 27

May 2016.  Land Adjacent To Elm Tree Farm, Hambridge Way, Pirton



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The Construction Management Plan (CMP) is for the recently approved application for 78 houses at 'Holwell Turn' (Elm Tree Farm 1) and as yet to be approved.  This important for two reasons; firstly, this development cannot go ahead until the CMP has been approved and secondly, because we assume that if the 99 dwellings (ETF2) was approved they would need to use the same route.

I believe that the route is:

Construction traffic to come from Hitchin, along Hitchin Road, Pirton and from there down Priors Hill, Shillington Road, West Lane, and Holwell Road to the site, and to exit the site down Holwell Road, to the A600 through Holwell.  I also believe that they may require parking restrictions along these roads to allow the traffic to move - that could be for up to 3-years or more!

It should go without saying that you should read the background documents and make up your own mind as to whether to object, support just comment.

Details of how to object are provide above or here, the Parish Council’s suggested points of objection, which they are circulating, are listed below.  I have used many of these and added a few of my own and a copy of my latest draft of my submission is available via the button below, but please remember this is not yet finished or properly proof read and may change before I submit so revisit for the latest version - this version is 22/7/2017.

Bullet Points for Objection:

Traffic Route to Site - IN via

Through Hitchin, Hitchin Road, Pirton - Priors Hill - Shillington Road - West Lane - Holwell Road

Traffic Route from Site - OUT via

Holwell Road, Pirton - Holwell - Bedford Road - Hitchin et al

According to the Developer, this route will be in place for a minimum of 3 years.

On the Construction Management Plan in general:

Clearly Cala Homes and the NHDC has accepted that a route utilising Walnut Tree Road and Royal Oak lane is unsafe and unsuitable.

Now this proposed route is unfit for this purpose, and will be rendered unsafe and in places dangerous for residents and other road users, not to mention the adverse impact on ecology and biodiversity, in a rural setting.

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