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16/02256/1 at Land Adjacent To Elm Tree Farm, Hambridge Way - Planning Application

Amended application: Reserved Matters: Reserved matters application for approval of access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale to serve a residential development of 78 dwellings (31 affordable and 47 private), pursuant to outline planning application 15/01618/1 granted 27.5.16. (Direct link to NHDC documents)

17/00335/1 Land Adjacent To Elm Tree Farm, Hambridge Way, Pirton - the proposed Construction Management Plan (Direct link to NHDC documents)

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 Deadline for Comments / Objections / Support is 10/5/2017

Current situation:


  1. Is the amended Construction Management Plan - THIS HAS NOT YET BEEN APPROVED.


  1. The application for 78 houses was approve by the planning Control Committee of NHDC  The notes below were written after the meeting and are a personal view, however a number of people who also attended have written confir there views agree:

The NHDC Planning Control Committee voted yesterday to approved the application for all 78 houses, but with access via a 'Y' junction rather than a roundabout.  However, the associated Construction Management Plan (application 17/00335/1DOC) was deferred and the councillors seemed minded to reject both main routes suggested.

What this means:

My personal view:

I am very disappointed and frustrated by the 'allegedly' democratic process in respect of this matter.

We were very ably represented by our Parish Council and our NHDC councillor spoke on our behalf and made very good points. Prior to the meeting 150 (or so) individuals objected the application, many making very good and valid points for some more changes to be made.

To me it appeared that most of the councillors sitting on the committee:

Although I am very disappointed and frustrated with the process and the councillors, we have managed to gain some improvements:

In respect of the Construction Management Plan, and please remember these are my own personal views, they were some who seem to have grasped this as a victory and that this will stop the development - personally I doubt this.  Although seemingly totally unsuitable with many safety issues, the roads to be used for the development are not restricted and are open to all traffic and some of the proposed routes are not even restricted in terms of speed.  I think that although there may be some more movement and changes to address safety concerns, eventually one of the routes will be approved, even if that means Cala Homes going to appeal.

More worrying is the fact that a number of councillors and members of the public were grasping at another possibility, a temporary road from the Bedford Road to Holwell Turn.  In my view, any other route would be preferable - unless you want to see, albeit over a number of years, Pirton (and Holwell?) extend to the Bedford Road - call me scaremongering if you like, but think about it, if an access road works temporarily why not permanently?

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