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Objections - Errors and Misleading Statements in the Applicant's Documents:

Objection - Relating to the Planning Statement:

Objections - Relating to Ignoring the Neighbourhood Plan:

Objections - Relating to the Design and Access Statement (DAS):

Objections - Relating to the Highways Assessment:

Objections - Relating to the Missing Documents and Information:

Objections to the Principle:

Objections - Relating to the Proposed Dwelling Mix:

The proposed mix of houses:

Objections - Relating to the Proposed Ownership Mix:

Objections - Layout and Design:



The 'North - South' Footpath:

The'Green' Footpaths:

These are not appropriate to the location because they do not offer adequate protection to pedestrians, are unlikely to be used by children or those using push chairs, mobility scooters or those wary of uneven, muddy or soft surfaces, such as the elderly or disabled. In addition:

Car Parking:

Play Area / SUDs:

Objections - Relating to Access:

Objections - Relating to Highway Safety (Pedestrian and Cyclist):

Objections - Relating to Internal Roads:

Objections - Relating to External Roads:

Objections - Relating to Ecology and Biodiversity:

Objections - Relating to Drainage:

Objections - Relating to the NPPF:

Objections - Public Consultation:

Potential Objections

Below are details of some suggestions for potential objections, they are just one persons view and they be wrong and there may be mistakes.  

As always you should make up your own minds about the validity or otherwise of what appears in these pages. You should decide what you agree with and what you do not and submit your comments, for or against this application accordingly.

If you wish to read the thoughts and arguments that are behind these, then see the comments and objections, but please note that it is draft, requires proof reading, some further thought.  Once you have made up your own mind see ‘How to Object’ and submit your views for or against by 17/11/2016.

Comments and Objections

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