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Initial advice:

  1. By all means visit the full set of planning application documents can be seen here, but first read on and when you do visit the documents, do not be put off!
  2. This website will hopefully, with the help of others (and you?), make this process simpler by:
  1. Given the above and the fact that we only have until the 17/11/2016 (not the 2nd or the 9th!) to object, I strongly recommend that you start drafting your submission ASAP, but do not rush to submit as, as explained above, guidance and advice will be emerging over the next few days/weeks.
  2. Refer frequently to this are of the website for the latest help and advice.
  3. It should be taken as read, but as I have been accused of bias, please read the following:

As always you should make up your own minds about the validity or otherwise of what appears in these pages. You should decide what you agree with and what you do not and submit you comments, for or against this application accordingly. Unlike some I believe that those reading these pages are intelligent enough to do so.

The website’s stance is:

As always the website and its correspondence is intended to inform and reflect and represent what I believe to be, or know to be, the community's view, which is not necessarily my own.  Therefore, the position the website (and I) take is to support the Neighbourhood Plan and reflect its content and the extensive community consultation which has been undertaken.

Main Points to Consider:

These generally reflect the applicant’s order of headings - hopefully to make it easier for the Planning Officer to match objections to the application detailsPlease note that because of the rush there may be spelling, grammar or other errors.

1. Background - link to detail

2. Community Consultation

- link to more detail

3. Errors and misleading statements in the Applicant's Documentation.  

It may be a good idea to email your related comments to NHDC ASAP (referencing this application).  If they are correct, that should lead to the information being corrected / provided and an extension of the consultation period to allow comments to made or added by those who have already commented.  If you wish to do this, do so ASAP and before this consultation closes, by emailing referencing the above application details.

Such confusion is likely to compromise the consultation from the public’s view point.

The following documents and information appear to be missing.  These are essential to enable proper consideration of the application.

Without these how are members of the public to properly comments?

- link to more detail

4. Principle - link to detail

5. Dwelling Mix

- link to more detail

6. Layout & Design

This section is likely to have several subsections so more information will follow:

- link to more detail

7. Impact on Designated and Non-Designated Heritage Assets - link to detail

8. Highway Safety & Access - link to more detail

9. Ecology - link to detail

10. Drainage - link to detail

11. Construction Plan

Main Objection Points

At the bottom of this page are suggested main points and links to more details - please note these are only suggestions (more welcomed) and they are evolving so visit frequently for ideas. Increasingly detailed guidance will be given as it becomes available (see Potential Objections).  This will be inserted into the existing text and highlighted in red until the next update.

Remember always quote the planning application number: 16/02256/1 at Land Adjacent To Elm Tree Farm, Hambridge Way, Pirton in correspondence to NHDC.

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