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Elm Tree Farm, Hambridge Way- Planning Application

Previous Applications

There were three previous planning applications –15/01618/2 (for up to 82 houses), 11/00413/1 and 12/00694/1 (both for 8 affordable houses).  

15/01618/1  Outline application (all matters reserved) for residential development of up to 82 dwellings with associated infrastructure, public open space and planting (amended description) - Commonly known as Holwell Turn.

11/00413/1 for 8 affordable houses:

12/00694/1 a very similar application:

Quite a lot of people believed that earlier proposals was essentially a ploy to gain access through the site and develop land to the rear.  Some sought to give assurances that this was not the case, but the request for this land to be allocated for development and the involvement of Gladman with a proposal for 90 houses on behalf of the land owners and then the sale of the land to Cala Homes and the application for 82 houses seems to have completely vindicated that view.

There were many objections, but the first went to appeal and was rejected.  The following is taken from the conclusions in the inspector’s report: