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This page give very ‘broad brush’ arguments to consider, also available will be the draft of the text that Jonty Wild is working on (see menu) as and when it is available.  The latter is likely to be updated frequently and should be treated as a very rough draft only and changes, additions and deletion should be expected as the matters are given proper consideration.  

For what appears below and in the draft document mentioned above Remember:

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Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation

Information, Arguments & Areas to consider

A good start would be to review the NHDC documents below, which gives the NHDC’s view on the strengths and weaknesses for the sites. You need to consider your arguments are you against these as well as any others you wish to make. Remember to consider the wider impact too, e.g. if increased traffic is an issue then how would that effect the roads or Holwell or the junction with the Barton Road (an accident blackspot?) and the traffic backing up to enter Hitchin at peak times etc.

For the larger documents I have given two versions: one is abbreviated to include Pirton only, but if you need background or more detail or want compare sites, e.g. Ashwell school has capacity and they note that they have not established if Pirton has, then refer to full document.

Also remember that the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire analysis is now available and that give details of the communities wished which conflict with details in the application, this can be obtained here.

Possible areas pf the Preferred Options to which you may wish to make representation?  Those in bold are perhaps the most relevant to Pirton

Draft of J Wild’s text