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North Herts District Council

- Proposed Allocated Site PT2 Holwell Turn, West Lane (sic)

(should be Holwell Road)

Please Note:

As regular receivers of emails from the website will know, I try to keep the contents fair and unbiased and allow readers to make up their own minds.  Sometimes the view of the village is so clear that I am comfortable to err to one side of the argument - although obviously you should still make up your own mind.  This is one of those occasions because development at the Holwell Turn is controversial -  it is outside of the village boundary and many believe represents a clear danger to pedestrians and road users, but in this case also because of the history of applications for part of this site:

12/00694/1 for 8 affordable houses:

12/01795/1 a very similar application:

Quite a lot of people, myself included, believed that the proposal was essentially a ploy to gain access through the site and develop land to the rear.  Some sought to give assurances that this was not the case, but the request for this land to be allocated for development and the involvement of Gladman with a proposal for 90 houses on behalf of the land owners seems to have completely vindicated that view.

What is the current situation?

This site was not originally an official site, proposed by NHDC, it was a developer led proposal which NHDC were obliged to include. What has recently changed is that it is now proposed that this site is officially recognised and included to meet the NHDC's target housing allocation and is used for an estimated 47 houses.

What can be done?

If this site is accepted into the Local Plan Preferred Option then it is almost certain to go ahead and may require access from Hambridge Way.

Details of how to comment, object or support (which must be done by 6/2/2015) are available here

If you wish to object (or support) then you must make your views know by the 6th February 2015.

If you objected to the original planning applications, it is likely that your reasons for doing so for this land allocation will be much the same, albeit if you objected to 8 houses then your strength of feeling may multiplied for 47 and may include the potential impact of such a large development on Pirton and at this location!  The only access bordering the land is Holwell Road so it is logical for that to be the intended access, so related objections will be the same.

The Neighbourhood Plan

Once last point, there is little, if anything, that the Steering Group for the Neighbourhood Plan can do in respect of numbers of dwellings if this site accepted after consultation.

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