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The John Hammond Charity

This article is provided by John Souster - Clerk to the Trustees

Contact John Souster - Clerk to the Charity Email John Souster, Telephone 01234 741692

The John Hammond Charity is a Registered Charity formed in 1904 and is fully managed by the board of Trustees.

The aims of the Charity are to

a) Provide housing.

This part of the Charity was founded to provide accommodation for "Poor people" originally rent free. The arrangements have since changed and the accommodation is now provided to people, principally from Pirton. The Rent is in the form of a contribution of sufficient amount to cover the costs of maintaining the properties.

b) Provide for advancement in life

The charity assists persons who have not attained the age of 25 years, resident in the area of Pirton and who are in need of financial assistance in preparing for, entering upon or engaged in any profession, trade, occupation or service.

The Apprentice Fund -this has an income from allotments at the rear of the Almshouses in the High Street and from a parcel of Land off the Hitchin Road near Pirton Cross.

The Charity has since 1987 paid to young people from the village, mainly those starting university or apprenticeships, the sum of £18000.

The Trustees of the Charity are made up as follows:

Hazel Davies

Derek Jarrett

Rodney Marshall

Jane Ransom

Barrie Simmons

Pam Waters

Ann Wilshere

John Souster - Clerk to the Trustees