Neighbourhood Plan




It appears that the Hertfordshire County Council had unfortunately overlooked designating this section of the Icknield Way as a bridleway until recently and so sought to correct that error.  This led to a claim that the bridleway should in fact be classified as a BOAT (Bridleway Open to All Traffic) which then would allow bicycles and motorised vehicles to use it.

Following a public inquiry the Planning Inspectorate proposed to accept that classification of a BOAT and permit 4-wheel drive vehicles and motor bikes to drive along the Icknield Way between Ickleford and the Barton Road.  According to Hertfordshire County Council there is little or no historic evidence to support that - see the decision here.

A large number of objections were subsequently raised (see letter) and, as a a consequence, thankfully, the Planning Inspectorate have decided to have another public inquiry on 12/11/2013 in Pirton Village Hall and is scheduled to last for two days - see the details here.

The Inquiry will only consider evidence relating to the proposed modification (to a BOAT) and that evidence must be submitted by 10/7/2013, details of how to do so will be added here soon.