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Pirton Genealogy

This website provides information on families and genealogy related to Pirton.  It also provides contacts and other assistance, but almost all of the associated historical photographs, documents and family trees etc appear at our sister website which holds the Pirton 'Archive  This may seem illogical, but in fact it does make sense - that website is used as a tool to preserve historical information and to provide it (where permitted) to other organisations, in particular the Hitchin Museum.  As a result there is a need to separate out the historical information from the general contacts, information and help provided, which relate to genealogy.  That website also provides links to the highly recommended website of the Pirton Local History Group: and other recommended and useful links.  The former is essential to anyone researching family associated with Pirton.

The aim of this section is to help people searching for their ancestors, either to find specific information or to make contact with others who are searching for the same family names and thereby to share information and research.  In return I ask, if possible, three things:

  1. If you are searching, please consider letting me have the name(s) of those you are searching for and your email address so that I can add it to the website for the benefit of you and others.
  2. If you make progress by using the services offered by this website or by other means then please let me know, preferably in a form that you will allow me to add to this site or the Pirton ‘Archive, e.g. text, photographs, interesting stories, family trees etc.
  3. If during your search you find any interesting websites, either of specific interest to the names that you are searching for or that are of general interest to others searching for their ancestors, then please let me have the details so that I can add the link to benefit others.

If you want to know when the history and genealogy pages are updated then join the email circulation list:

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