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St Mary’s Church Events Calendar

February 3rd  1100  Christingle Service  St Mary's

February 16th  1000-1200  Churchyard Tidy Up  St Mary's

February 22nd  1300-1600  Farmers' Market  St Mary's

March 3rd  1100  Messy Church  St Mary's

March 24th  1000  Benefice Service  St Mary's

March 29th  1600-1900  Farmers' Market  St Mary's

March 30th  1000-1200  Spring Cleaning  St Mary's

March 31st  1100  Mothering Sunday  St Mary's

April 7th  1100  Holy Communion with APCM  St Mary's

April 14th  10:30  Palm Sunday  St Mary's

April 19th  1000  Good Friday Messy ChurchSt Mary's

April 21st  1100  Easter Day  St Mary's

April 26th  1300-1600  Farmers' Market  St Mary's*

May 31st  1300-1600  Farmers' Market  St Mary's*

June 2nd  1100  Messy Church  St Mary's

June 28th  1300-1600  Farmers' Market  St Mary's

July 7th  1100  Messy Church  St Mary's

July 26th  1300-1600  Farmers' Market  St Mary's*

September 1st  1100  Messy Church  St Mary's

September 8th  1100  Patronal Festival with lunch  St Mary's

September  27th  1300-1600  Farmers' Market  St Mary's*

October 6th  1100  Joint Harvest  St Marys

October 25th  1300-1600  Farmers' Market  St Mary's*

November 3rd  1100  Messy Church  St Mary's

November 29th  1300-1600  Farmers' Market  St Mary's*

December 1st  1100  Messy Church  St Mary's

December 24th  2300  Midnight Mass  St Mary's

December 25th  1000  Christmas Day Service  St Mary's

*Time may change