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The event galleries to the left feature many of the best known events in the village, some are of traditional annual events, others are occasional or one off events.  The photographs vary in age, but are interesting nevertheless.  If you have pictures of these or other events please send them to me so that I can add them to this page.  Email me on jontywild@pirton.org.uk or ring me on 711383.

Please note: Events traditionally organised by some village clubs and organisations appear under their specific pages, these notably include the events of the Pumpkin Club (Community - Clubs & Groups), Mayday (Community - Maypole), Remembrance (War Memorial Group under Community - Clubs & Groups).

If you know of, or are organising any events no matter how far in advance, please send the details you have to jontywild@pirton.org.uk and then update them as necessary.  The event details can also be circulated to the website’s email circulation list, please let me know if you need this and remind me if you want that repeated just before the event.