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Pirton & Coronavirus (Covid-19)

To join this website email circulation list for news and updates email jontywild@pirton.org.uk

JoyCare are setting up their own website with Coronavirus information relating to Pirton and the help on offer.  I do not want to confuse the situation or contribute to mixed messages, so currently, with the exception of emails, I intend to only do the following:

JoyCare leaflet with details of how to request or offer help

Government Advice

Direct contact & Links

JoyCare Good Neighbours Scheme Contacts (Inc. Support if you are self-isolating)

Pirton Village Stores Ansell Village Stores in Pirton (Pirton Village Shop) is delivering to those in the village self-isolating or unable to get to the shop for this service contact 01462 712572.

Jonty Wild

To help others. Please let me know if any links are not working