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Chapel Preserves


Jellies for meat & fish or spreading on bread. Try them with ice-cream or yoghurt.

Forest fruits
Gooseberry & elderflower
Peaches & apricots
Peaches & Cherries
Percy’s plum jam
Plum with stem ginger
Rhubarb & raspberry
Strawberry jam
*Victoria plum

Apple & mint jelly

Apple & sage jelly

Cherry berry jelly

Crabapple & Calvados

Damson & crabapple

Damson jelly

Quince & pear with schnapps

Redcurrant jelly

Rhubarb & Whitecurrant


Chutneys and pickles

Marmalade with Ginger
Marmalade with Whisky
Three fruit coarse cut

Apple & beetroot relish
Caramelised onion
Great Fire of Pirton (apple & chilli jelly)
Harvest chutney
Mrs. Doubtfire’s pumpkin & chilli dip
Peach chutney
Red Pepper relish
Rhubarb chutney
Small fire of Pirton (tomato & chilli dip)
Spicy apple & walnut
Spicy pumpkin & walnut
Tomato & Apple chutney

Chapel Preserves

Chapel preserves' profits support the Methodist Chapel, so enjoy the high quality of the produce and help an important village institution.

Although the the list below is the latest available, please remember that stocks change all the time.

Jam, jelly, marmalade, chutney:

Large pot £1-80

Small pot 90p

On sale at all major Pirton events, at all other times, phone, email or knock on the door:

Ann Wilshere, 71 Shillington Road, Pirton, Tel: 01462 712028, Email: